Mine Blocks

Mine Blocks

Make sure to tickle your creativeness by an arrival to Mine Blocks – one of the most wonderful and creative Minecraft games. What are you waiting for? Set the game in motion right now!

There is an only task you must do after entering the game. That is to create your own world where buildings, gardens, river, sky, etc. are nicely combined. First of all, please spend time fulfilling all of the achievements in a Task List so as to get huge support by pressing T key to know what you should do. Then, consider looking for a large and flat area to begin the building process. The best way to form favorable castles, churches, palaces, and houses is to arrange the collected blocks orderly according to your imagination. It is better to learn how to craft weapons and tools to increase the quality of work.

Set foot on Mine Blocks and enjoy all awesome things now!

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Minecraft: Zumbi Blocks 3D

Minecraft: Zumbi Blocks 3D

Minecraft: Zumbi Blocks 3D promises to leave you enthralled by a lot of surprises and thrills. Get ready to face up to a number of hostile zombies and boast your potential skill? Here we are!

Quickly hold the given gun and walk around a large city so as to detect where the zombies are. It is not hard to do that since they are available everywhere in the city. But, the most important thing here is that you have to exactly determine their position and shoot at zombies as many as possible by using the gun before they launch counter-attacks on you first.

Never let them touch you, or your health will remarkably decrease. Of course, there is nothing essential than keep surviving in the longest time. Got it? Wow, it isn’t easy to say NO to Minecraft: Zumbi Blocks 3D, right? There we come!

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Minecraft Tower Defense

Minecraft Tower Defense

Minecraft Tower Defense mainly focuses on a fierce fight between Steve and many waves of creatures! And your role is to protect his shelter from their destruction by all means. Come on!

First of all, spend time looking at Steve’s action. What he must do is to dig a long and wavy road to his house. Second, consider clicking on each block to create the road by using the left mouse. Third, let’s help him set up a few powerful turrets and traps along and inside the road, which may even prevent the wave of enemies. Their death will reward you with cash.

The best way to use such the fund is to buy more turrets and traps or simply upgrade the current ones. Believe that you are quite able to help Steve wipe out all the ugly creatures in Minecraft Tower Defense? Let’s prove it! Hope you succeed!

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Minecraft 2D
Minecraft 2D

Let your vision and inspiration fly highly by participating in Minecraft 2D – a creative Minecraft game. Wow! It is truly a perfect spot to create everything unique, awesome, and impressive. Come on!

What makes the game outstanding and magnetic is that players have freedom to create everything in their mind, from exquisite castles, magnificent lighthouses, to simply garden and colorful park. Interestingly, there is no need to go around in search of materials anymore since they are available for the building process. Let’s choose one of the favorable materials (like sand, red bricks, glass, cobblestones, wooden planks, or TNT packs) and then beautifully arrange them to have the fantasy structures.

Minecraft 2D is suited to those who have dreamy of becoming an architect in the future!

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Minecraft Platform

Minecraft Platform
Minecraft Platform

In Minecraft Platform, you will see a little critter that gets lost in a large and scary maze. And he is calling for your goodness and assistance so that he can escape from here as quickly as possible! Get ready? Take action now!

What the game does require you to do is to help the critter look for a hidden door in each stage in order that he may come to the surface soon. The hidden door is located on the right side of the screen in Level 1 and 2 and the left side of the screen in Level 3 and 4. Make sure to guide him here. Be cautious with the final level where you can face up to a big Minecraft man. This man can kill the critter by his bullets. So, don’t forget to use arrows to shoot at him as quickly as possible.

Try best to support the critter overcoming all levels in Minecraft Platform! Hope that you will have a fun moment!

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Minecraft Themed Shooting Gallery

Minecraft Themed Shooting Gallery

If improving shooting skill is what you are concerned about, then no place can beat Minecraft Themed Shooting Gallery. Wow! It is hard to say NO, especially when you are a loyal fan of Minecraft, right?

The game requires its players to conquer 4 levels by making use of their reflection and shooting skill. And the main objective is to exactly aim and shoot at all targets so that they are removed from the interface as quickly as possible. Such targets include skeletons, green creepers, or TNT packs. Be careful as they can jump up and down, which makes your shooting period more difficult. The final level brings you a slight surprise. You have to explode TNT packs within a limited amount of time. How challenging the level is!

Partake in Minecraft Themed Shooting Gallery and good luck to you all! Here we go!

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